For more information about Missions, visit the Mission’s Website

The Baptist Preparatory School believes very strongly that it is our responsibility to give students the opportunity to serve others and to fulfill the Great Commission. Baptist Prep is involved in community and world missions throughout the school year. Our greatest opportunity for service, though, comes in March during our annual Missions Week.

Each year the 9th through 12th grade students at the Upper School take designated time away from their normal school routine to go into our community and world to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Students in the 9th grade participate in our local missions opportunities. The 2018 opportunities will include Arkansas Children's Hospital, Bethany Baptist Church, Bono Baptist Church, Chenal Heights Nursing Home, Compassion Center, Dorcas House, Easter Seals, Elderly Yard Ministry, Hearts and Hooves, Nehemiah House, Nursing Home Ministries, Our House, and Presbyterian Village. The students involved in local ministries contribute approximately 6,000 hours of service to these local non-profits during this important week. Many of these groups plan their volunteer needs yearly around the Baptist Prep team visits. These students get an opportunity to see, touch and feel the needs within their own community.

Students in grades 10 through 12 may participate in local missions or choose to participate in the out-of-town mission trips. The 2018 Mission Week options include Italy, Peru, Dominican Republic, New York City, and South Dakota. The students on these trips will work with both children and adults. Our students train for approximately six months prior to their trip in order to be as prepared as possible for the opportunities that God will provide. Ministry activities on these trips may include teaching English, presenting a personal testimony, singing or playing music for worship, drama, sports camps, Bible schools, leading church services, prayer walks, and presenting the gospel. Our students always go with a heart to teach, love and evangelize wherever they go. They come back changed from the inside out as they see God’s power on display everywhere they go. God has used these mission trips to encourage our students to be missionaries each and every day of their lives.

We often call Missions Week our “Field Trip” for Bible class. It is a time for us to display and practice what we learn from God’s Word on a daily basis, a time to put “hands and feet” to our Christianity.

For more information about Missions, visit the  Mission’s Website