Students with learning differences achieve academic success. We are privileged to offer two special programs for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade: DISCOVERY, which is an Educational Therapy Program; and LEARNING LAB. An educational battery of formal and informal tests are used to identify specific learning differences and to determine individual strengths and weaknesses. Early identification is important to the long-term academic success of your child. We have seen dreams restored and families changed with the help of our programs.


Despite average to superior intelligence, students with learning difficulties often find that a few areas of weakness can have a devastating effect on their ability to learn. DISCOVERY, developed by the National Institute for Learning Development [NILD] utilizes a variety of academic and perceptual techniques to strengthen the student's areas of weakness. Eligibility for the program is determined through formal and informal testing as prescribed by NILD. Once admitted into the program, the student receives intense therapy in two 80-minute sessions per week with a NILD therapist. As perceptual and cognitive skills improve, students are able to learn on their own and are free to use all their abilities to the fullest. The goal of DISCOVERY is to prepare these students to be independently successful in the regular classroom environment. More information regarding NILD may be obtained here.

Learning Lab

The LEARNING LAB program is designed to help students achieve success in the regular classroom. Students are scheduled into the least restrictive setting that can provide a successful learning experience. An educational battery of tests is used to determine the most appropriate placement while enrolled at Baptist Prep. Because each child has unique strengths and weaknesses, students are assigned to classes according to their own potential. Individual classes in reading, spelling, language and math are also available beginning in the fourth grade.

For more information, see the SOAR Datasheet, or contact: 
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