Welcome, New Baptist Prep Board Member, Dr. Jim Foot

We are excited to announce one of Baptist Prep’s newest school board members, Dr. Jim Foot. Dr. Foot is a retired Army officer after having spent 32 years in the National Guard, 26 of those years on active duty. After retirement, he spent 16 years as a Department of the Army Civilian with the Army National Guard’s Business Transformation Office leading state-level National Guard organizations, Army Reserve Commands, and Army installations in the assessment of their business processes and the development and implementation of long-term strategic plans. He earned his Doctorate of Strategic Leadership from Reagent University and has spent most of his post-active-duty time working with military organizational governance boards and their executive leadership to increase the efficiencies and effectiveness of these business entities.

“My overarching desire is to be able to add value to our School Board utilizing the gifts and abilities that God has nurtured in me over the course of my life thus far,” shared Dr. Foot.

“I hope to be able to work with the other Board members to improve alignment between the board and the school’s leadership to maximize the planning and execution of a sound strategy that will posture Baptist Prep as the premier Christian school in Arkansas. I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in the shaping of the future of the school through policy development in a strategic environment. Being on the board at Baptist Prep provides me an opportunity to continue to be engaged in my former career as a strategic planner and in leader development.”

Dr. Foot’s relationship began with Baptist Prep, then Arkansas Baptist, in 1986 when his wife Lana and he were looking for an educational environment that would build on the Christian worldview they were teaching their children at home.

“At Baptist Prep, we saw an opportunity for a continuous, seamless focus on the Christ-led lifestyle not only for our children but also for me and Lana,” continued Dr. Foot. “Baptist Prep allowed us to overlap our concentric circles of life – family, church and social – in such a way as to be fully integrated.”

Both of their children attended and graduated from Arkansas Baptist – Jeremy class of ’93 and Natalie class of ’95. Additionally, Lana was the SOAR director from its inception in 1986 until her retirement in 2005. Today, Jeremy and his family live in Alexandria, VA where he serves on active duty at National Guard Bureau Headquarters. Natalie and her family live in Little Rock, and she is an instructional systems designer for VCC Construction company.

Welcome to the Board at Baptist Prep, Dr. Foot!