Welcome Brandi Bridwell, New Baptist Prep Board Member

We are excited to announce one of Baptist Prep’s newest school board members, Brandi Bridwell. Before serving on the school board, Brandi worked last year as a Baptist Prep Advisory Board member under Dr. Rex Horne.

“On the Advisory Board, we worked throughout the year to come up with ways to improve and grow the school,” shared Brandi. “We also identified the many things we love about Baptist Prep that are beneficial and should not change. Dr. Jones has carefully considered what we proposed and has developed ways to implement many of those objectives already. I am truly excited about Dr. Jones’ plan and how the board can work in tandem with the administration to help further our mission and goals for the future of Baptist Prep.”

Brandi’s career background and experience in healthcare give her a unique perspective as a leader at the school. After graduating from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences with her BSN/RN, she began her career as an ICU nurse and then became a poison specialist/RN for the Arkansas Poison Control Center in the UAMS College of Pharmacy.

“Last year, I started a new job in the wake of the pandemic as a COVID contact tracer/RN for the Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health. We conduct contact tracing for various movie and TV production companies with projects around the world,” continued Brandi. “I enjoy my nursing jobs because I find science and toxicology fascinating and because I love getting to help and care for people.”

This desire that Brandi has to help and care fuels her passion for seeing Baptist Prep succeed. Additionally, she wants to see the school continue to grow for the sake of her children. Brandi and her husband, Dr. Matt Bridwell, have sent their two daughters to Baptist Prep for the past five years.

“We have had such a great experience, and the girls have enjoyed each grade. I have loved getting to be their room mom through the years, as well as subbing and getting involved,” shared Brandi. “When I was pregnant with my girls, I would pray that they would come to know the Lord and that my husband and I would be the best parents to them that we could be. I feel that Baptist Prep is one way that God is answering those prayers. The people at Baptist Prep love the Lord and love children and lead them toward Him. Baptist Prep is like a family. It’s not too often that a principal knows every student by name and likely knows their parents’ names, too. I know that when I send my kids to school, they are safe and loved.”

In 2013, Brandi and her husband embarked on a new adventure, and they opened Kanis Dental. Brandi helps with social media and marketing. Dr. Bridwell enjoys sharing about being a dentist and dental health each year with Baptist Prep preschool and kindergarten students.

“Our family loves Baptist Prep, and we are so thankful for our BP family!” continued Brandi. “I sincerely hope and pray that God will use me and my love of serving others to be a blessing to the school board and ultimately to Baptist Prep. I pray that Baptist Prep continues to provide a healthy, safe, and loving environment for the kids to learn in and that we would continue to grow and improve as a school each year.”