Stellar Team + Excellent Teaching = Engaged Learners

The school year has begun to settle into a daily rhythm of campus life, instruction, and community. At the Upper School, Principal Randy Goldsmith is leading the charge to implement the beginning steps of a strategy to further enrich the learning environment for all students.

“We are working to clarify and hone instructional models for the school as we clearly define what Baptist Prep instruction looks like,” shared Mr. Goldsmith. “The process starts with phenomenal teachers, who we are blessed to have. We want to engage teachers as learners and then they get to grow and continue to passionately share their subject matter with their classroom learners.”

Additionally, Baptist Prep will focus on coaching teachers while coming alongside them to help them step out of their comfort zones.

“Teachers often have an instructional methodology they excel at and feel comfortable in,” continued Mr. Goldsmith. “We are seeking to build on each teacher’s strengths while further developing tools and strategies for their teaching tool chest. This gives them more options as they prepare lesson plans and ultimately, helps us reach all learners.”

Throughout his career, Mr. Goldsmith has demonstrated a passion for excellence in education, but he started out knowing little about Christian education.

“When I graduated college, I applied to 20 different schools, 19 of which were public and one was a Christian school,” shared Mr. Goldsmith. “At that time, I had no idea what a Christian school was. I was a believer, raised in a Christian family, and was the first person in my family to receive a college education. When the Christian school offered me a job and it worked out – God awoke something totally new in my heart. I am convinced of the importance of biblical integration throughout academics. All truth is God’s truth – you can’t separate any area of study from Him. Christian education founded on a clear biblical worldview became my calling and God stamped that into my heart.”

Other than two years at a private school, Mr. Goldsmith has spent his 40 years in education in Christian schools. He has taught various science classes including life, earth, physical sciences as well as biology. Additionally, he has been a coach, athletic director, assistant Principal, and his last job was as Superintendent in Joplin, Missouri. This year, Mr. Goldsmith came out of his two-year retirement to once again be at Baptist Prep after a 13-year stint some years ago.

“I highly respect Dr. Jones and was excited about the opportunity to work with him at Baptist Prep,” shared Mr. Goldsmith. “It is phenomenal to be at Baptist Prep again. Here, students can get an excellent academic education based on a biblical worldview. Also, the teachers are godly and have a passion for their work. So many of them go beyond what we request so their students can be known, loved, and cared for. The team God has assembled here is phenomenal and I’m grateful to be on it. Here, students get an incredible well-rounded experience as they are prepared and mentored. Our team and this environment – it’s hard to capture in words, but it’s special.”

Mr. Goldsmith’s love for Baptist Prep is palpable when he shares his heart about the school.

“I’ve worked in seven different schools in three different states and there is something special about the Baptist Prep community and the family feel that continues to grow here. We have an outstanding student body - they’re bright and they love to learn,” continued Mr. Goldsmith. “And we have such a wonderful group of families who support the school. Overall, it’s a very positive atmosphere where people care about the Lord and each other.”