Science at Baptist Prep: Exploring the Creator’s World

From building model rockets and dissecting clams to intricate chemistry labs and studying the

digestive tract and nutrition, science education at Baptist Prep Upper School is engaging, thorough, and exciting. While students score well in science on standardized testing, the true success of scientific study at Baptist Prep, in the eyes of administration and the seasoned teaching team, is the unwavering dedication to teach all sciences from a biblical worldview.

“God’s Word is truth so everything we study must be in line with God’s Word,” shared Randy Goldsmith, Baptist Prep Upper School Principal. “In science, one of the first things you consider is the question of origins. We believe the Bible has a clear answer on how the universe and everything in it was created. Because no human was around to witness the beginning of the universe, any perspective on origins must be accepted by faith. When we observe the complications of the human body and the intricacies of the world around us, it seems to require more faith to believe that all of this happened by chance rather than believing the truth from scripture, that God is the creator.”

As students approach scientific education standards such as Newton’s laws of motion or calculating the momentum of a rolling stone, they observe the scientific laws which describe God’s creation, and they further understand that God is a God of order.

“My biggest hope is that students will realize that faith in Christ and science are not diametrically opposed concepts nor are they concepts that should remain separate,” shared Kipp Stiles, Upper School Science Department Chair. “Additionally, I hope they develop an inquisitive interest and awe for the world God created. I love the relationships I get to build with students and that I get to openly teach creation and the science that supports it. Also, I could not ask for a better group of coworkers to teach beside. I have never worked in an environment where there is so much support from everyone from the administration to fellow teachers and parents.”

The fluid connection of content from grade to grade and the teamwork amongst passionate teaching staff are trademarks of science at Baptist Prep.

“The most key objective is for the students to understand that God is the beginning and ending of everything. He is the Creator, and we are accountable to Him,” shared Dr. Todd Self, 8th grade Earth Science teacher. “God is the key to all education. When we are learning, we are learning about something He made or designed. The freedom to teach the Word of God as it was written is a privilege I do not take lightly.”

Students are taught that science is not consensus or people’s opinions. They are taught to observe, explore, and think. Although the school does not believe theories of evolution are true, students are taught the thinking and beliefs of evolution as an origin theory, so they have the tools to defend the truth.

“I love to teach students how we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and how we are created in His image,” shared Bridget Jones, 11th and 12th-grade Anatomy and Physiology teacher. “But we also talk about the breakdown of the body due to diseases or disorders and how that is part of our fallen nature. Yet even in those moments talking about brokenness, we discuss that our hope lies in Christ Jesus.”

Science education at Baptist Prep seeks to prepare students for what lies ahead both educationally and vocationally. But it also strengthens their faith and understanding of God.

“God loves and cares for us and created everything for our benefit,” shared Julie Cameron, 10th–12th grades Chemistry and Environmental Science teacher. “He has made us stewards of the natural world around us, and we must strive to glorify Him in the way we learn science and use our knowledge of science to serve people.”