School Leadership Looks to the Author of the Future

The beginning of the year is a time to look ahead and consider the future. At Baptist Prep, our

leadership is looking ahead and planning for the continued health and strength of our beloved school. We asked Board Member, Suzanne McGee-Swindle, for her perspective on the future of Baptist Prep.

“When I think about the future, especially in times as uncertain as these can seem, I think of faith. The advantage our faith grants us is a peace about the future— any future because we know the Author who has written it,” shared Suzanne. “He also graciously provides His mercies to us as we walk together toward and through it. It's an exciting time to not only be here at Baptist Prep but also to think about the future here. I'm thrilled about the vision of Dr. Jones and his forward-thinking leadership. It is my hope that the partnership with his leadership along with the servant's hearts of our wonderful staff and families, will impact the future academic, social, and spiritual growth of our students and many generations to come.” Suzanne, along with the other board members and leaders at Baptist Prep, understands that as believers, we must depend on the Lord for our future and look to Him as we plan.

“Just as I’d love to lay out a roadmap or plan for my children to follow, I know that would be futile and frustrating because it’s not my place or even all theirs,” continued Suzanne. “Yes, we can plan and prepare, and we do, but only after prayer. One of my very favorite Bible verses is Exodus 33:15: ‘Lord if your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from this place.’ I have this hanging by my back door as a reminder to pause and pray for God’s direction. I’m so fortunate that serving alongside us at Baptist Prep are so many others who also pray for our future and have an unshakable faith and peace in it.”

During these last four years of serving on the board, Suzanne’s background as a licensed attorney has given her a unique and invaluable perspective as a leader at the school.

“I feel privileged to get to contribute my perspective and experience alongside the other sage and talented professionals both on the board as well as with Dr. Jones and our administrative team and families here at Baptist Prep,” shared Suzanne. “Something that is different about serving on the board at Baptist Prep than others I’ve worked with before is that I get to use both my legal knowledge and training along with the shared common spiritual foundation and beliefs that serve as a plumb-line alongside other believers to work toward our mission. We don’t have a single commerce-driven interest but rather a broader kingdom-minded one.”

In addition to serving on the board, Suzanne is invested in the school as a mother of two alumni as well as a current student.

“My husband, Dr. David Swindle, and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year!” continued Suzanne. “We are blessed with three wonderful children. Our twins, Alexander and Anna-Grace, attended Baptist Prep starting in K4 and just graduated last May 2021 as the Co-Valedictorians; they are currently freshmen at the University of Arkansas. Our youngest, Mark, who is 14 and a freshman has been at Baptist Prep since K3.”

Thank you, Suzanne, for your dedicated leadership and service to Baptist Prep!