Reflections of Our Creator: Art at Baptist Prep

Artistic expression, in its many forms, is a direct reflection of our Creator. At Baptist Prep, opportunities for creativity to be expressed and explored abounds from Lower to Upper School. Whether a student chooses to explore various visual artistic mediums through visual art classes, grow their singing skills through choir, or learn and perfect an instrument through the band, all students are given opportunities to grow in their creativity and skills.

Visual Art at BP

The mission of Baptist Prep’s Visual Arts program is to give students a hands-on introduction to various artistic mediums with the goal of providing practical experience.

“The goal of our art classes is not to make master artists of the students (which takes a lifetime) but rather to expose them to many types of art expression and tap into their God-given gifting of creativity,” shared Eric Spann, Baptist Prep Upper School Art Teacher. “It is my hope that from the experiences given in class they might enjoy further study and expression on their own. After a student is given the opportunity to explore and practice many types of art and different mediums, the prospect of them carrying out creative expression in the future is far more likely.”

Upper School students explore sewing, watercolor, acrylic and pastel painting, paper mâché, drawing with perspective, landscape, continuous line, and still life. Additionally, students silk screen, make string art, weave, and do block printing.

“In Kindergarten, the students are learning how to use art tools, such as a paintbrush, a drawing pencil, markers, and watercolors. Their fine motor skills are developing while using these tools,” shared April Kirchgessner, Baptist Prep Lower School Art Teacher. “As the students grow and move to higher grade levels, we learn more about art techniques, vocabulary, and the elements of art: line, color, shape, form, texture, value, and space.”

During the first semester, Lower School students focus on each of the elements of art and apply this knowledge to a specific art project. During the second semester, they will switch focus to art appreciation where they study well-known artists, their artwork, and the techniques that they employ. Then students will create pieces that imitate the signature style or technique of the art masters they studied. This exposes the students to a variety of artists of various cultures and ethnicities.

“Art is incredibly important not only to a well-rounded education but to a well-rounded life,” continued Mr. Spann. “On one of the first days of class, I encourage students to look around the room and point out something that wasn’t designed, produced, invented or made that didn’t begin with creativity, design, and some type of craftsmanship. So far, no one has been able to find anything. THAT is how important art is.”

Through art, students at Baptist Prep discover creativity, gifts, and talents given to them by God. Also, art can help students build self-confidence, improve memory and concentration skills, improve fine motor skills, and encourage focus and discipline.

“Studying and practicing art can increase observation skills and problem-solving,” continued Mrs. Kirchgessner. “All of these are important social-emotional skills for a well-rounded servant of God's kingdom.”

Choir at BP

Students at Baptist Prep can grow in their singing and music skills through choir, available in both Lower and Upper Schools.

"Choir is beneficial for life. One can sing through their entire life with no concern for injury,"