One Family, Lasting Impact

When asked if they would share about their experience at Baptist Prep, Joel and Robyn McMasters do not hesitate to tell of the positive impact the school has had on their family.

“Baptist Prep has been a blessing to our family. Every child has unique gifts given by God, and Baptist Prep recognizes that” shared Joel. “The education provided at Baptist Prep engages the heart and the mind. Students are educated individually, rather than using a ‘one mode works for all’ approach."

Their daughter, Kara, began eighth grade at Baptist Prep in 2018, and their son, Daniel, began ninth grade in 2019. Both Kara and Daniel are excelling in the SOAR program.

“We’ve especially enjoyed the dedication that the teachers have toward the students,” continued Joel. “The Baptist Prep faculty recognize and unlock the potential of each child. They work with different learning styles and go the extra mile to see kids succeed. The teachers and staff at Baptist Prep are genuine. They care, love, and serve because they want to.”

The McMasters especially love the family atmosphere and the focus on Christ.

“Baptist Prep works with parents who are raising their kids on the Word of God,” shared Joel. “There have been so many special moments during our time at Baptist Prep where the teachers fostered character-building opportunities. We are so grateful for the teachers at Baptist Prep and the lasting impact they have made on our family.”