New Math Teacher Promotes Academic Success While Integrating Faith into Classroom

We are excited to welcome Dr. Ron Lindo Jr., another talented and passionate teacher, to the Baptist Prep team. Dr. Lindo teaches Pre-Algebra, Algebra II, Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus in the Upper School.

“Galileo said that mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe,” shared Dr. Lindo. “I would contend that this is the language spoken of in Psalm 19:3. Thus, as students achieve more success in their mathematical abilities, they get to learn more about how God has designed the cosmos.”

Dr. Lindo comes to Baptist Prep with 12 years of teaching experience in both math and the Bible. He is committed to education and has earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a Masters's degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, a Masters's degree in Theology, and a Doctorate in Philosophy (Old Testament).

“I believe there is a direct connection between a teacher’s faith and the practicalities of their instruction,” continued Dr. Lindo. “As I teach math, I seek to integrate Scripture as well as encourage students to develop a deeper connection with their Creator while helping them achieve academic success.”

“We are blessed to have Dr. Lindo join our staff,” shared Dr. Jones. “Our excitement springs from the fact that he holds stellar academic credentials, has strong and appropriate teaching experience and most importantly, his life and work are in perfect harmony with our school’s mission.”

Welcome to Baptist Prep, Dr. Lindo!