Missions in Action: Showing the Love of Jesus through Serving

Missions Week 2022, March 14–18, was a special week and an opportunity for

Baptist Prep Upper School students to share the love of Jesus with others as they spread across central Arkansas and even Colorado to serve. The Baptist Prep Missions program is an integral part of our school and an opportunity for students to deepen their relationship with God through serving others, sharing their faith, and discipleship.

“Missions Week is one of the most anticipated weeks for the Upper School. Throughout the year, Baptist Prep students prepare local, national, and international missions to spread the Good News of salvation through Jesus and His love for us,” shared Billy Goss, Baptist Prep Director of Missions. “Our students learn to live their faith in a real and relevant way and explore what it means to listen to and follow the voice of God.”

This year, students served through 10 different local mission opportunities and one national site in Colorado. Local partners included: The Dorcas House, Easter Seals, FBLR Elderly yard work, Graves Memorial Church, Hearts and Hooves, Lake Nixon, The Nehemiah House, Baptist Prep Lower School, Tyler Street Baptist Church, and Wildwood Arts. A group of students traveled to Colorado Springs for the week to work alongside Carrie and David Fox at their church plant, Anchor Point Church, where they prayer walked, helped with children’s ministry, reached out to local first responders, and assisted with other church projects.

“We believe you can share the Gospel in ways other than vocally,” continued Mr. Goss. “We asked the students to show the love of Jesus not only through what they say but through their eyes, listening, and actions. We believe that God does not call us to do everything, but he calls us to do something.”

Students worked hard throughout the week as they cleaned the grounds at Wildwood Park for the Arts and Lake Nixon, made needed repairs and updates to Connect Church’s building, worked alongside Fellowship Bible Church’s Spanish ministry to share Christ through a skit and canvassing the neighborhood, and cleaned and accomplished projects for both the Dorcas and Nehemiah House to lighten the load for staff members. Students assisted elderly community members with yard work and needed projects and cleaned out stalls at Hearts and Hooves, a therapeutic horse-riding center.

“Our team emptied a building about to be torn down,” shared Baptist Prep sophomore Titus Yager. “A little bit of hard work on our part will allow Graves Memorial to be further along on a project they have been working on. I am grateful we were able to help.”

This summer, plans are being made for a group of students to travel to an English Exchange Camp in Italy, where they will participate in street evangelism in two different cities.

We are grateful for Baptist Prep Upper School students as they represented the Lord and our school in a meaningful way to the community.