Looking Ahead through the Eyes of Lower School Principal, Amy Somers

As the halls came alive with the sounds of students returning to Baptist Prep this week, there is much to celebrate and anticipate about the coming year for the Lower School.

“The teaching team that God has assembled in the Lower School is amazing,” continued Mrs. Somers. “With a combination of beloved teachers who have been here for years and several new teachers who bring years of experience and perspective to our school, we are poised for a great year.”

This year, Mrs. Somers celebrates her 21st year in education and her 13th year at Baptist Prep. She is passionate about education through the lens of a biblical worldview. Her move from public school to Baptist Prep came from a desire to reach more families for the Lord.

“At Baptist Prep, students are challenged academically through a curriculum that is anchored in truth and grace,” shared Mrs. Somers. “I love coming alongside parents to help shape students academically, spiritually, and emotionally. Christian education is more than a Bible class or chapel - we weave the truth of Scripture and a biblical worldview into everything we do.”

Additionally, innovation and technology are important to Mrs. Somers. In 2011, she pioneered one of the first iPad programs in the state of Arkansas. This earned her the affectionate title of “iPad Lady,” a name she wears with pride.

“I love pouring my energy into the Baptist Prep family,” continued Mrs. Somers. “You can’t ignore the impact a school has on a child. All schools have a plan for the way they want their students to grow as learners. At Baptist Prep, we equip our students for their academic futures with the main goal of each student growing in their personal relationship with the Lord.”