Third & Fourth Grade Baptist Prep Students are Excited to Learn

Math Escape Room, Subject/Verb Scavenger Hunt, Hero Tribute, Historical Propaganda Posters, and More

Students in third and fourth grade at Baptist Prep deepen their knowledge across multiple topics while growing their love for learning and the Lord. This month, we highlight some of the fun, engaging learning that happens in third and fourth grades.

"Third grade is an exciting time watching the students as they get more independent and start to find their interests," shared Macy Mitchell, Baptist Prep Third Grade Teacher. "They teach me different things that they are going home and researching themselves. We are learning about the Revolutionary War right now, and they will come in and tell me that they showed their parents a song that we played or researched more about the war on their own. It is fun to see them start to take control of their learning."

Several engaging projects have encouraged learning thus far this year in third grade. During a Revolutionary War unit, students wrote letters to King George III to tell him about acts that have been put into place and how they affect the lives of colonists. Also, students participated in a debate between the British and the Patriots. For math, students worked together to solve math problems to escape from a digital escape room. Students went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom to solidify their understanding of verb and subject agreement.

"I love being part of my students' lives and getting to watch them in the mornings come in excitedly to tell their friends or me something that happened," continued Mrs. Mitchell. "I love teaching at Baptist Prep because I have the opportunity to coach students through loving other people as we talk about how we can be a light for Jesus to others through our love for them. And the students especially love our class bird, Henry."

In fourth grade, students work through hands-on, interactive projects to enforce academic and biblical studies.

"Fourth grade at Baptist Prep is a place that encourages an excitement for learning," shared Jessica Jackson, Baptist Prep Fourth Grade Teacher. "It is a safe space that allows students to be themselves, grow in their academics, and walk with Christ."

Field trips are an exciting part of learning in fourth grade. So far this year, students have visited the neighborhood fire station to pay tribute to our local heroes for 9/11. The students delivered cards and snacks to show their appreciation.

"I love the projects that we have been able to do! We have been working through a unit on WWII, and the kids are enjoying it," continued Mrs. Jackson. "The projects that we've been able to incorporate into this unit, such as the students designing and creating their propaganda posters, have been so much fun. Fourth grade also focuses heavily on Arkansas history and does a special play each year to go along with it. The creativity and excitement that comes out when they are working is better than anything else."

We are proud of our third and fourth-grade students at Baptist Prep!