Enriched Learning Beyond the Ordinary

This year, junior high students at Baptist Prep experienced an entirely new week, Enrichment Week. From newly introduced “Impact Training” to extended learning opportunities in Science Lab as well as Friday Field Day, 7th and 8th-grade students and staff alike enjoyed this unique week.

“The vision and intention of Enrichment Week was for junior high students to have something purposeful yet unique, especially for them and the timing was right to do this while upper grades were focused on Missions Week,” shared Randy Goldsmith, Baptist Prep Upper School Principal. “We worked to create engaging training that may pique students’ interest and teach them something out of the ordinary as they gained life skills and grew in various areas.”

Hobbies and interests of staff helped shape the offerings of Impact Training as sessions were offered in numerous arenas such as first aid, basic auto, football for beginners, film appreciation, introduction to color guard, the Amazing Race, etiquette, and more.

“I had the opportunity to teach young men how very important it is to treat a young lady with honor and respect and how to be mature enough to interact and build positive relationships with a young lady,” shared Steve Miller. “I believe Impact Training was special because students were able to get out of their regular classroom routine and experience several sessions that they usually know little about. It was a chance for our students to grow in other areas of life. And on top of that, it was so much fun for the students as well as the instructors.”

Students had the opportunity to choose from a list of Impact Training options to build their schedule. By the end of two days of Impact Training, students got to experience eight different sessions. In addition, students spent extended lab time as they dissected a frog for the first time.

“We hope students got to know their teachers more and in a different way as they expressed passions,” continued Mr. Goldsmith. “Also, we hope the students enjoyed learning nontraditional yet valuable subject matters.”