Board Member Passionate About Giving to Baptist Prep

As we kick off the Baptist Prep Annual Fund, a generous, seasoned leader at Baptist Prep is dedicated to quality, biblically-based education - Board Member Carl Rosenbaum – and he is passionate about giving to Baptist Prep.

“People might wonder why I am passionate about Baptist Prep. I believe as Christians, we are supposed to support anything that promotes Christ, and I believe we can’t outgive God,” shared Mr. Rosenbaum. “When you give to Baptist Prep, every dollar is spent wisely. We have a very wise and thrifty board. All of our funds come from tuition and the generosity of folks who believe in our mission.

I don’t know where else you can give that you get such great results. The next generation is learning who God is and how to make peace with Him through Jesus. They learn discipline and high morals. On top of that, teachers go after academic excellence.”

Mr. Rosenbaum’s successful business career began in sales. He has sold many things, from plumbing supplies and heavy machinery to boats and bonds. Over the years, he has managed and led various companies, projects, and teams. In 1986, he founded Safe Foods, which he recently sold. He worked alongside the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas to develop curriculum and training to better prepare graduates after college to enter their careers. He is a leader of leaders and has served on numerous boards.

“I’ve served on Rotary boards, bank boards, corporation boards, as well as the chairman on Arkansas Highway Commission. I’ve enjoyed serving on the Baptist Prep board for the last eight years. I believe that the best boards let the leader lead, and we, as board members, oversee,” continued Mr. Rosenbaum. “An organization grows based on the leadership. Dr. Jones has done a great job so far, and he is an excellent communicator. He is the epitome of what we need through leadership and experience.”

Mr. Rosenbaum’s grandchildren attended Baptist Prep from Kindergarten through 12th grade. His wife, Martha, taught music at Baptist Prep, and both of his daughters, Caroline and Katheryn, taught at the school.

“Our teachers are dedicated, and their students perform. They are passionate about what they do,” shared Mr. Rosenbaum. “My dream for Baptist Prep is that we will continue to operate with excellence as a shining light in Little Rock.”