Baptist Prep Update: The Delta Variant

Dear Baptist Prep Community,

In recent days, the reality of the challenges of a new front in the Covid-19 pandemic has become very clear. The Delta variant of this virus is very active in Central Arkansas. It affects children, teenagers, and young adults in a more aggressive manner than previous manifestations of this virus. All of this is taking place with less than one month to go until the start of the 2021-22 school year.

The school’s leaders are staying in touch with local health officials, the Arkansas Department of Health, and other relevant organizations, such as the Arkansas Activities Association, as we determine the best course of action for a safe and strong start to the school year.

Please note, we are working on preparing Virtual learning options for students for the upcoming school year. These options will not be the same as last year as they will be designed to provide safe learning environments in light of the current variant.

School leaders are taking additional measures to assist with a safe and strong launch to the school year. We will hire a second nurse to assist with managing the health and safety of all students. Previously, the campuses shared one nurse. When school resumes in August, each campus will have a dedicated nurse.

More communication will follow as factors related to the Delta variant and the start of the school year develop. A detailed plan for the fall semester will be released around August 1st.

We move forward with the confidence that comes from great preparation and the strength that comes from our faith in a mighty God.


Dr. Greg Jones, Baptist Prep Head of School