Baptist Prep Staff Attend Kingdom Education Summit This Summer

Summer is much more than time away from school for educators. Members of the Baptist Prep faculty commit many hours to gaining new insights and knowledge for the purpose of improving instructional practice and pedagogy. In early July three of our team members, Dr. Self, Mr. Hall and Dr. Jones, had the opportunity to participate in a special event.

This event, the first Kingdom Education Summit, was hosted by Dr. Glen Shultz, on the thought leaders and most significant influencers in Biblical integration and Christian Worldview training. The summit served as a powerful time for Christian educators to affirm their commitment to providing discipleship pathways for the youngest generations.

This summit also served as the release event for new books authored by Dr. Shultz: Understanding Kingdom Education and Applying Kingdom Education. These works serve as companion books to Dr. Shultz classic work, Kingdom Education. All Baptist Prep parents are encouraged to read all three books. These books can be purchased through Wheaton Press.