Baptist Prep Football Team Competes in Southwest Elite Tournament

Last week, the Baptist Prep football team competed in the Southwest Elite 7on7 Football Tournament.

“Attending the Southwest Elite 7on7 was a great opportunity for our program to gain experience competing against some of the bigger and more talented schools in Arkansas,” shared Coach Welchman. “The positive impact on our team can be seen in how well they competed but more importantly in the bond that was created through the competition. We learned to trust each other. This trust will flow into all aspects of our program and we will be able to build on it for many years to come.”

The competition was fierce and our team faced schools much larger in size with bigger programs but the Baptist Prep Eagles rose to the challenge and competed with heart and skill.

"Our team competed like champions against elite competition," said Dr. Jones. "An opposing coach said the team’s efforts in this tournament put Baptist Prep back on the map."

Coach Welchman added, “We have a wonderful group of guys who bring their best every day and they love, trust, and sacrifice for one another. I am most excited about watching these guys make plays under the lights. It is going to be a fun year. There is no better time to be an Eagle!”