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Check out what Baptist Prep parents have been saying about their student's experience with our Cyber/AMI days learning! We are so thankful for all that our teachers have done to adapt to our current world climate!

Jamie Coleman  "My husband Chris and I have four kids at Baptist Prep and we started online learning this week. My kids have 22 teachers between them and before the week began, I was concerned. But we logged onto classes Monday morning and you could tell the teachers had been working so hard, everything has been laid out so well!
All the teachers have been so available to our kids; willing to answer questions, talk on the phone, email - however they need to, they are willing to help my kids. 
These teachers are killing it!!! Good job!!! So thankful to be to apart of this school."

Kelly Bledsoe  "Good afternoon, Mrs. Somers! I also wanted to brag on Ms. Barker! She did a terrific job getting everything set up for her class’ virtual learning, and I am so grateful! Joshua completed all of his assignments and had a great day! I am so thankful for all of you!!"

I just wanted to report that Ms. Wise is the best kindergarten teacher we’ve ever had!!! She is so creative, smart, funny, and loving! My Hannah Grace thinks she is the best teacher on the planet! She truly has a God-given gift of teaching! Ms. Wise has done so much to prepare for today, and it was incredible! Her videos, handouts and ZOOM time made everything so easy and productive! Our first cyber day was a huge success! Praise God! Thank you for all of your hard work, too!! We appreciate all you do and pray for God’s blessing and favor on your ministry at Baptist Prep!


Hillary Bayzk  "I was really dreading these “school” days but because of the all hard work our teachers have put in I really don’t have to do much. The girls watch videos of their lessons and do their work on their own."

Jenna Lee  "So thankful for you and our Baptist Prep teachers! Macy Mitchell has done AMAZING getting us going on google classroom and has been so organized and on top of it. Just so impressed by her and how quickly she's adapted to this new way of learning. I know she genuinely misses her class. The true test is that today Graham said it was fun. :) Just wanted to brag on her!!"
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April Wingfield  "Thank you! I so appreciate the hard work you and all of the teachers are putting in to continue our kids’ education during this crazy time!! ❤️"

Tamra Norman  "Your lower school teachers have knocked it out of the park. The recorded teaching times are great."
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Janford Ellis  "I'm grateful for all you and the entire staff is doing at Baptist Prep. With the help of God and each other, you guys are doing a wonderful job in this unknown and evolving pandemic we are going through right now. I am proud to say I look forward to becoming a small part of the team at Baptist Prep. May God continue to bless us all and help us to continue to pray for our world. 🙏🏻"

Beverly Burchfield  "Mr. Miller, I'm Frankie Jo Fuller's Arkansas grandmother. Just wanted to say "thank you" to you and all the school staff for ALL the hard work (I'm sure we have no idea how hard) you have put in to get back to schooling. These are strange and difficult times, but a chance to lean into God and His help to navigate through. Thank you to all for loving our students the way you do. We pray that all of you stay safe and well. The video from Tim Elmore was spot on. I have all but quit watching the late evening news, because it alarms me so. I want to be prudent but not spastic about this pandemic. This video gave me some things to think about and possibly change in my actions and language. God bless all of you for your efforts. Who knows what we all will have learned by the time we get to the other side of this experience!"

Jamie Yates "I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and all of our teachers (please feel free to forward this email to your entire staff), and support staff. Of all the things I am concerned about, especially being a nurse, one of the things I do NOT have to worry about is my two sons’ education. Baptist Prep truly is a family, always has been and always will be. Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe & to continue education and support for our students and families. This helps us with some normalcy and not feeling so isolated as well during this time. We love & are praying for you all!!!"