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Beginning March 30, 2020, students will begin instruction via Cyber/AMI (Alternative Methods of Instruction) Days.  Our teachers and staff have been hard at work to provide creative, innovative and meaningful lessons for your students.


We are thoroughly committed to providing a

Christ-centered education for each of our students no matter the classroom setting. It is our mission to serve and assist our families in all circumstances.

Please use the following guidelines to help prepare and execute Cyber/AMI days over

the coming weeks.



Instructions for Cyber/AMI Days for Students:

  1. Students will be tentatively following their daily school schedule each day.

  2. Check your lesson plans, email, and Google Classroom for your daily assignments at 8:00 a.m. 

  3. Create a list of the work you need to get done that day. 

  4. Work hard and get your assignments done with excellence!

  5. Ask questions and email teachers during your normally scheduled time if you aren't live streaming.

  6. Be sure to check your email at the end of the school day so that you are prepared for the next day. 


Helpful Tips for Successful Cyber/AMI Day:

  • Get good rest and healthy food to start your Cyber Day right!

  • Remember to dress appropriately for all class meetings that use ZOOM or Google Hangout. Your classmates will be able to see you. 

  • Create a great workspace that best suits your needs without a phone and TV nearby.

  • Get your work done during the normal school day.

  • Take some scheduled breaks to stretch, take a walk or do something fun/creative before resuming school.

  • Collaborate with your teachers and, when appropriate, other students online

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the daily schedule for Cyber/AMI Days at the Upper School? 

  • Students will be tentatively following their daily school schedule each day.

  • Teachers will use one or more of the following to lead their classroom: 

    • livestream

    • have video/instructions available

    • have assignments posted

  • The teacher will also be available during their normally scheduled class time to answer questions or provide help.

  • If students don't need any help and there is no live instruction that day, students are free to work in whatever way they need to in order to be successful. 


What if there is an issue with technology or we can't figure something out?

  • Let the teacher know and allow him/her to resolve the issue if possible.

  • Call our technology hotline at 501-725-5031 at any day or time. Leave your name, phone number, and a message explaining the issue.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • We are all going to be flexible and understanding with each other as we figure out a new learning environment. 


How can I help my child?

  • Please email your child’s teacher if there are any questions about assignments and/or your student is having a hard time completing work.  We are here to help you. Teachers will be available for questions throughout the entire school day and will be checking their email daily until 4:00 p.m.

  • Have your child write assignments and due dates in his/her homework notepad as they are used to doing each day.  (Grades 3rd-6th)


What if there are issues with technology?

  • Please know that our desire is for everyone to be flexible and understanding as we work through this new adventure. 

  • If you encounter problems with technology, please contact your child’s teacher first. They will try to resolve any issue you have.

  • Our amazing Technology Director, Tom Hall, has set up a hotline at 501-725-5031 for you to contact him directly with any technology issues. Please leave your name, number and a short description of the problem that is occurring. Tom will return calls as quickly as possible.  


What is my child’s responsibility and when is the work due?

  • Your child is responsible for all assignments made by his/her classroom teacher.

  • Work should be turned in per the instructions given by the classroom teacher.  Teachers will communicate due dates and instructions for how to submit work.

  • Remember enrichment classes are optional.  


Instructions for using a non-Baptist Prep device:

The following instructions are for parents of K5-3rd grade students who will be using a personal device (any device this is not a Baptist Prep Chromebook) to do schoolwork from home. Please use these to set up a profile in Chrome for your students. This will allow him/her to access the Baptist Prep Student Portal which has links to the tools and resources your student will need to use regularly during this time of distance learning.

Windows and Mac instructions:

Do NOT turn on the option to sync to your student’s Google account on Windows or Mac devices since this will activate our web filter which is configured for Baptist Prep Chromebooks and will not function properly. 

  1. If you do not have the Chrome browser installed, please get it here.

  2. Launch the Chrome browser.

  3. Click the profile button near the upper-right corner.

  4. Click Add at the bottom of the dropdown.

  5. Type in your student’s name and select an icon.

  6. Click the Add button.

  7. Go to

  8. Click the STUDENT button near the upper-right corner.

  9. Type in your student’s Baptist Prep email address and click Next.

  10. Type in your student’s password and click Next.

  11. The Baptist Prep Student Portal home page will load.

  12. Select the URL in the address line and copy.

  13. Click the ellipsis (three vertical dots) near the upper-right corner.

  14. Click Settings.

  15. Under the Appearance section at the very bottom of the page, click Show home button.

  16. Click Enter custom web address and paste the student portal URL into the line so that the Baptist Prep student portal will load when the home button is clicked.


iPad instructions:

  1. If you do not have the Chrome browser installed, please get it here.

  2. Launch the Chrome browser.

  3. Tap the three horizontal dots near the upper-right corner.

  4. Tap Settings.

  5. If you are not already signed in to Chrome on your device with another account, skip to step 7.

  6. If you are already signed into Chrome with another account, you will need to turn off sync for that account.  Tap your Google account, tap Sign out and turn off sync and then tap Clear.

  7. Tap Sign in to Chrome.

  8. Tap your account to display a dropdown.

  9. Tap Add Account.

  10. Type in your student’s Baptist Prep email address and tap Next.

  11. Type in your student’s password and tap Next.

  12. Tap YES, I’M IN.

  13. Tap Accept and sign in.

  14. Tap Done.

  15. Go to

  16. Tap the STUDENT button near the upper-right corner.

  17. The Baptist Prep Student Portal home page will load.

  18. You may want to bookmark this page so your student can get to it easily.

Camera and microphone test:

Students experiencing problems with video or audio in Zoom or Hangouts meetings should perform this following Chromebook camera and microphone test:

  1. Click the launcher button (the circle in the lower-left corner of the screen).

  2. Type "camera" into the search bar.

  3. Click the camera app icon.

  4. You should see video from the camera.

  5. If you see a message that says "The camera is unavailable," there is a hardware problem.

  6. Click "video" on the right.

  7. Click the record button.

  8. Make some noise to check the microphone.

  9. Click the record button to stop recording.

  10. Click the video image in the bottom-right corner.

  11. Make sure your volume is not muted and is turned all the way up.

  12. Click the play button and make sure you hear the sound from the video.

  13. If you do not hear any sound in the video, you have a bad microphone.

  14. If you have found a problem with your Chromebook camera or microphone, please call Tom Hall at 501-725-5031 and leave a message if your call is not answered.


Clearing the Chrome cache:

Clearing the Chrome cache can solve a lot of strange problems that occur on Chromebooks and in the Chrome browser on other devices.  This can fix audio problems on Chromebooks and error messages when turning in assignments in Google Classroom. The problem could be almost anything like not being able to watch a YouTube video or just clicking a button on a web page and nothing happens.  Anything weird or unexplained in Chrome could be a problem that might be fixed by clearing the cache.


Please note that clearing the Chrome cache will remove any of the credentials that you have told Chrome to remember like your FACTS SIS sign in. 


  1. At the top right, click More (the three vertical dots) .

  2. Click "More tools" and then click "Clear browsing data".

  3. At the top, select "All time".

  4. Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes.

  5. Click "Clear data".

Lastly, we are in this together as a family. Our staff is here for you! If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us.  Let us know how we can support you and your child as we navigate distance learning together! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement during this time.

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