Baptist Preparatory School's Gifted and Talented Program is designed to encourage all students to be creative and critical thinkers while giving opportunities for them to develop giftedness. It also provides highly-able students opportunities to discover and develop their strength areas as well as teaches these students how to use their gifts to be Christian leaders in the world


​Throughout the K-2 years all student gifts are observed and developed. Gifted and general education teachers collaborate to offer opportunities designed to develop areas of giftedness

  • Individualized student enrichment plans

  • One on one and small group development of talents

  • School wide competitions, activities, and clubs offered to help develop student gifts


Baptist Prep offers identification for students who may require additional services to meet their needs. We are committed to meeting every child where they are and provide opportunities for them to grow. Our Learning Enrichment Accelerated Program (L.E.A.P.) is for identified 3rd-6th grade students with such needs. 

  • Small group pull out

  • Independent study opportunities to explore areas of interest in depth

  • Experiences to help students identify strength areas and curriculum that helps develop those skills

  • Challenging environment that pushes students to reach their potential