continuous enrollment

What is continuous enrollment?

Continuous enrollment is a simple way for Baptist Prep students to enroll in the school and remain enrolled through graduation.

Will I still pay an enrollment fee?

Yes. Each student will pay an enrollment fee. This fee is due March 1, and will be billed automatically through FACTS. This fee is non-refundable.

What is the deadline for completing the continuous enrollment packet?

How will I be notified each year regarding changes in tuition and fees?

Please complete the continuous enrollment packet by February 28th.

Each year in January, communication will be sent to you to remind you of the upcoming enrollment fee as well as to notify you of the new Tuition and Fee Schedule for the next school year. This information will also be available online at

How do I access my FACTS Tuition Management account?

To access your FACTS Tuition Management account, log into your Facts Family Portal and click "Financial" in the menu bar on the far left.

Will my payment plan change?

Your payment plan as well as payment information that you have been using will remain the same. To make a change, please contact the Baptist Prep Business Office.

Are there any charges for insufficient funds or declined credit cards?

Returned payments or declined credit card charges will be assessed a $30 returned payment fee.

What if my payment is late?

Accounts not paid by the scheduled due date of the month in which they are due will be considered delinquent and shall be assessed a $25 late fee for that month. If you need to change the date that your payment is received, please contact the Baptist Prep Business Office to make the change and to avoid late fees.

Are there any processing fees associated with debit/credit card payments?

With FACTS Tuition Management, payments made with debit/credit cards will incur a fee of up to 3% which is FACTS' standard credit card processing fee. This fee is collected by FACTS. Baptist Prep does not receive any part of this processing fee.

Will I still need to appLy for tuition assistance each year?

Yes, you will need to apply for tuition assistance each year. The deadline to apply for tuition assistance is April 1st.

In the past we have signed up for Extended Care or the bus through the enrollment packet. How will that be handled for next school year?

We realize that plans and circumstances change and that several families have to either add Extended Care or the bus to their bill when school starts. In order to make this easier for parents, we will be contacting families over the summer for them to register for these two services.

How will I update my information in my FACTS account?

You may update your information or your student's information in your FACTS account at any time. Simply log in to your FACTS Family Portal and click "Web Forms" under "School." You will be directed to a screen where you will select "Family Demographic Form."

I have not been required to enter my bank account or debit/credit card information. Will this ever be required of me?

Beginning February 15, 2021, all families will be required to set up a bank draft or provide debit/credit card information for any monthly incidental charges. If you prefer, you may still pay these charges via check or cash. However, payment must be made 3-5 business days prior to the due date in order to stop the automated payment.

What if we choose to no longer be part of Baptist Prep?

If a family decides to no longer be part of the Baptist Prep family, they may opt out be contacting the Admissions Office in writing before February 15th. Email

What if I do not opt out by February 15th?

The non-refundable $300 enrollment fee will automatically be drafted from your account if you have not contacted the Admissions Office in writing by February 15th.

to log in to your facts account by February 28th to

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